I came to a realization that the reason I haven’t posted anything of substance on here in a while is because this blog, as a project, is finished. It’s not that I’ve stopped writing or having things I want to write – I just don’t want to post them here. I haven’t wanted to for a while. And, the wanting, for a personal project like this one, is really the only thing that matters.

It feels a little strange to say that this is the end of this particular thing. The internet typically just goes on and on and on: a sprawling city populated by zombie projects. But, the thing about zombies is that they tend to clutter my landscape, clutching at the edges of my attention. They want to eat my brains. I realized that to move forward with a few other creative projects, I needed to close the door on this one.

It’s been fun (most of the time). There are a few pieces I like. Most make me cringe (shrugs). I have genuinely appreciated the kind words and encouragement that have filtered through my way over the years about some things I wrote here. It has been a good exercise book, but I’m tired of writing notes in the margins, and it’s time for something new.

What’s the new thing going to be? Very likely offline, I think – but if there ends up being a link to post, I’ll post it.